Friday, 24 August 2007

Welcome to Zhoodles

Zhoodles is a food blog. It has been put together simply to share with you some recipes and to help you understand how to cobble together some pretty decent food with a small amount of information. No doubt, if you've found this blog already you'll already be fairly accomplished in the kitchen and won't need much direction around the pots and pans yourself. We're not here professing to be experts, but as a huge fan of food and in particular the food my girlfriend (Shanshan Zhu) cooks I feel almost a sense of guilt as I gorge myself greedily. Which quickly passes and then I realise that these dishes would be readily welcomed on any table across the country/world. So after much consideration I'm delivering the blog.

None of these recipes will be taken directly out of cookbooks, but that's not to say that some of the recipes on here won't be in cookbooks. We'll never knowingly steal a recipe and publish it here....
But if we do we'll make sure that we acknowledge the creator and post links etc.

And finally. We won't be posting every day but we'll (hopefully) be posting quality recipes for you to enjoy. I'll do my best to get photos but no promises, I know what I'm like when the food hits the table.

In the meantime get yourself off to and order a bottle of Fragolino before the summer ends. Its perfect for this Indian Summer we're all praying for.

Take care

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